Our Acts Queens and Kings

Coincidence is important in every one’s life, it crops up everywhere. A man is always alone in his destiny and mood follows mood as no one of us is a copy of another. The plight of being alive, that too alone is not an ordinary spectacle. Our senses demand the voice of our conscience to our external impressions. While possessing acute discriminating senses like an observer benefit us a lot to survive. Our ears should be open to every slight sound. How does it look like seeing the dust rising from the hot roadway and hearing the rains varying sounds, twisting and turning of the leaves receiving the slaps of the furious winds, all these resemble human life. Accidents, joys and happiness go hand in hand while playing hide and seek with human lives. Do not be an average observer to forget things straightaway as everyone is prone to inner conflicts of one sort or the other. Manliness demands of us a trait of being the author of our own fortunes and misfortunes. The interpretation of human situation can be explained only by the sufferer but none else. God embodies fate in various forms as we are destined to do something good or evil, but sitting on the point of vantage is a must. We are the owner of instruments of good and the instruments of evil, it remains to be seen, to which direction the arrows are shot. The crux of the matter is that how to determine our attitude towards others. A man’s nature is determined by his tiny acts, as we know a woman’s beauty lies in her vanity but we should not take women as moving toy shops, transforming love from one lover to another is not a kid’s play for a woman as this act on the part of women carries countless psychological intricacies. Why women pay excessive attention to performing their toilet. We should pay genuine homage to women’s charm and beauty as world revolves around two hungers, one is that of belly and the other is that of a woman. God created Adam and Eve is the answer to everything. The fair-sex possesses the blessing to take men as their prisoners by throwing even a single smile. We lose our way in the maze of the locks of our beloved, as everyone aspires to possess this treasure. The gallants are also a step ahead from the charming women as they appeal to the different vanities of the women and sometimes, the heart of a woman shifts from one gallant to another. The world is glutted with beauty; just bring the eye of a beholder. Who does not wish to be a prisoner of an ivory white neck embellished with imaginary pearls gleaned from the fathomless bottoms of the oceans? I wish the vanities do not die with the death of women but may God save the maidens from staining their respect at the hands of the bold gallants rather they should hold them in their arms of faithfulness. May their excessive ambitions with regard to their matrimonial prospects grow with each passing day fructifying their efforts? All depends on our acts which render us assistance to pass away morel sorrows and not let a fresh trouble crop up. Our acts go to make the world ideally dark and start-studded as the acts on our part can turn a hell into heaven and heaven into hell. The character is the only one of the circumstances in a man’s environment. Humanity may perish or persist, but it goes on performing its function without pausing to stand and stare by dint of our acts. We cannot measure the fathom of our acts as man is some total of habits which reduce us to baggers, Kings and Queens. So, God created human beings and laced them with acts, only acts decide man’s destiny.


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