Dampen Spirits In Business

Yes, sharing the same bed does not mean sharing the same dreams in business and weakness in business is an unpardonable mistake. Let me make you certain of it that our sole delight lies in cherishing our purposes and not diverting from our appointed course of action. Weakness in everything in life be, it a business, love or affairs of any sort is an unpardonable crime. Business brings in praise and wealth from across the world. Directing our energies to the pursuit of business, means, not letting your spirits get crushed. A business man reigns supreme and remains unchallenged with respect to his efforts and high spirits. The real victory or defeat is nothing more than a psychological matters and business men are always their own masters. A business man’s vindictive attitude towards his rival in business is tantamount to persecution to himself and to the rival. It is noteworthy that this attitude is more intolerant aspect in the eyes of Christ’s teachings. Suffering is only necessary as a means of our purification from the sins, we commit. Our actions should lead to the best consequences. The candid thoughts bear fruit only. A system of checks and balances must operate by your clear conscience to bring about positive results and effectiveness in your business. If in business, intentions are not virgin, it means that you are going to plunge mankind into an unconceivable disaster. So, palliative devices are necessary to save humanity from afflictions. False reasoning always arrives at false consequences, so, business acumen and intellectual caution should never throw to the winds. Loose, slipshod and hasty manners or modus operandie in business dealings give birth to distorting influences. Business men are like potential soldiers in an army of a country as they are the prop of country’s economy and the nation’s prosperity or bonanza. Weighty ideas in business find expression in the plainest words and produce the desired results and the ideas should not be utopian and impossible as ideas in business demand a practical shape to gain the worldwide recognition. A business man should be out of the common run of hackneyed strategies. A breathless impatience of recognition is a trait which runs in every business man’s veins. An ardent love and good intentions should well up like a fountain of sweet water gushing forth from the depth of the sea. Being a helpless weakling under the guardian of dampen spirits means you are haunted by the shadow of failures. The entire personality of a business man must be bathed in skillful dexterity and he should twinkle like the glittering dew drops over the world’s horizon. Slackness must be foreign to a business man’s nature and steadiness of pursuit coupled with the skill to read the spirit of the time to act while the iron is hot, is a must. Do not act like a child of impulse, but an act is required guided by reason and acute business acumen. A business man is not a business man, if he does not know the knack of disentangling the diverse threads woven in a wrong manner. So, fluctuations in business matters should not be allowed to dampen the spirits.
Fashion Is Not A Dream By An Idiot

Sublimity is the only word which is applicable to the word “Fashion”, which can truly characterize fashion. Sublimity of thoughts and sublimity of imagination, in carving the fashion means, making the invisible concrete and visible, specially, the ideas which take birth in an invisible chamber of our mind in the shape of imagination. A fashion carver’s life is a dedicated one as he blends the ancient and the modern alike and this very style is the grand style. Possessing ornamental qualities for a fashion monger is a must, but the style must be lofty and should have an unmistakable stamp of majesty in it. A fashion hunter is a unique person and it is very difficult to satisfy his highest demand which is made upon the fashion carver. Fashion is not a fashion if it does not transcend our imagination and past experiences. For fashion, the time is eternity and the space is infinity. Fashion seekers should fall upon the fashion in the manner like thirsty birds fall upon the water in a treeless wilderness or in a desert to quench the thirst. To achieve all this, staying in the captivity of fashion along with our instincts makes heavy demand on us. Sublime ideas cast a fashion in an arresting mould and fashion is the perversion of slipshod manners. Wearing a fashion means, projecting yourself as a king figure. So, servitude to fashion instinctively is unavoidable. Some servitudes are very beautiful of which we serve happily and want to stay in such like situations for ever an ever. As we know the trees are superior to soil but the dove is still more beautiful than tress. We pour out fashions from the fountains of our imagination like waterfalls pouring out the roar and we get lost in this noise produced by the falling waters and this very noise turns audible to the whole world. Fashion is like mists gathering on the grounds, on the marshy lands and on wet places alike in the mornings and in the evenings, free from the shackles of time and space.  The sun ripens the fruit but the instincts ripen the trends. Fashion is as warm as the rays of the sun and trends are not like late flowers but fashion is like hive and the seekers are like the bees and the swarm of bees, gather round the hive, the hive carries a magnetic pull like a hot fashion trends. Fashion resembles the songs of the spring which include the amalgam of music of assorted birds, which feel happiness at the advent of the season. Fashion carries in its lap the clouds which make it fly to the viewless horizons and on the viewless wings. It infuses a new life into the whole world which echoes in the heart and souls of the fashion seekers. Fashion shines on all alike like the sun, just as the sun dominates on the face of the earth in the same manner getting robed in fashion means getting robed in fame. Fashions are decorative aids which are employed to enhance the beauty as awful beauty should put on all its arms to combat the world to get an upper hand over the world. The stylist is like a warrior and is always ready to kill the world by winsome styles. Fashion and beauty smile at everyone but show a special favor to those who are worthy of it, when the fashion smiles, all the world feels gay. Fashion means a rational approach to all things, so keep trends in fashion alive, still whatever you lose. So, no idiots can dream of wearing fashion without fashion laden instincts. 
Secret Veils of the Vale

Have you ever heard the strange musings of the hidden bounties residing underneath the earth with costly valuables in her lap? A queer sound, sounds like the sound of jingling of ores, ornaments, gold and the fountains of oil flowing underneath our feet. This is a God like exercise which can be exercised only by God, and is beyond human’s control, unless equipped with the wisdom granted by God to unravel the mystery. Shadowy layers of clouds of our earth are filled to the brim with unimaginable wealth. The winds laden with rich information, unpack the legend-laden tales of the underneath treasures in the form of mines, enriched by minerals, metals, assorted oils enabling the humanity to travel by fast moving vehicles, planes and what not, the Mother Earth offers from its bowels. Voiceless streams of treasures plead to us for their allegiance and services. For the divulgence of these treasures, we need to press our forehead to the earth to listen to what riddles the treasures lying hidden say to us, now answering to these riddles rests on our part. What lies underneath, cannot be measured in words, where gold and silver seasons always dwell and the autumn never sets in. The soft natured brooding on this immortal wealth will take us to our destination. Even the flowers lifting their heads from the earth also drop a lot of hints to the bounties with which the earth is sleeping, waiting us to dig up the treasures to harness them to the humanity to keep the life going on, on the revealed kingdom of the earth. We, the human beings are dancing on the waves of rich oils, petrol, mines, minerals, gold, silver and the list will never exhaust till doom’s day. The treasures, whom to meet with, would be to know, to know would be to get rich and to get rich means to rule in the guise of an oofy person, provided, if you are invested with unwearied zest to dig out the bounties from the dark pit of the earth, as humans and treasures are earth-bound souls and God has made humans the harvesters, who reap the harvest on the surface and the underneath alike. The cloud’s like waves of the earth are loaded with the loads of treasures. Only, the precious contents are required to elaborate the bounties the underneath world carries, as the underneath world resembles a vessel, and we need to fix our anchor in the bosom of the earth equipped with the fishy scales to catch the catch. The roof of the earth from underneath is made of gold with countless intricate designs. So, the treasures laden with piles of gold heave up the mighty stature of the land, these suggestive allusions, allude to the boons, without which, the surfaced life will stay no more alive, that is why, we are beholden to this ornamented vale, the veils of which, we need to lift up to look at the dazzling bounties of the land. So, let us exult in the victory and unbounded joy to have in our possession all the necessities of life and luxurious transportation system, which is also beholden to the gasoline lying under our feet. What a novel paradise is lying hidden and waiting to be explored.

The Winking Beaker


The Winking Beaker

I wish to turn the death into dead with ecstatic joys, while riding on the black horse with my sweetheart with her tender arms round my waist as a pillion rider. Let me bid adieu to melancholy and make way for the Lethe, leaving far behind the fret and fume of this mortal world. To flee the strains, I have to get under the shadow of vintage vines. The joy is not a joy unless you lose your identity and existence, getting drenched and drunk in the sweet vintage, while drinking to the dregs is a pre-requisite to pour out your full heart. The winking bubbles at the brim fade the sorrows into insignificance while investing me with the wings to fly to the skylark to enjoy the exquisite joys. Wishing for the Warm South while holding the blushful beaker is a spectacle which imparts rarity and longevity to the joys and merry making in the company of fairy like maidens. How beautiful it sounds to think of the Mont Helicon where the spring of wine flows from the richly coloured mouths of the Muses perched smugly on the Helicon embellished with beaded bubbles all around their necks. Steal a movement from your precious time and let the happiness make your limbs grow numb in the ecstasy after sipping the sips of vintage or wine fetched from the far off places of the best regions of the world, while riding on the black horse with my sweetheart along the shore line in the moonlit night. I long for the unutterable excessive joy breaking the chains of hackneyed hours of dull routines and see the bliss beyond immortality, so, the sparkling bubbles make me tantalize and cause the tantalized mouth parched, hankering after the richly coloured fountains of wine, vintage and the branded brands. This mad pursuit eggs me on wild ecstasy and a struggle to escape to the land of sips blessed with bounties and joys unknown to miseries. Seeking a shelter from the mutability has always been a long standing hankering of the human beings. Each and every drop of wine affords the permanent refuge to man from the strains of life like clown’s fun-fury where I feast my eyes on. No variance of moods exists on the part of the virgins while dancing on the beautiful and diamond like grapes reaped from the vines and the only mood of happiness stays permanently. How beautiful the image of the scene looks like when all the riddles are unriddled spontaneously, when the beaker touches the lips filled with unravished bride like wine and lifts me out from the parental darkness. As escorted with wine, my lips can sing better the tunes of love and joy as the silver silence squeezed from the wine commonly known as grape’s daughter spins me round steadily like the star in the sky keep their courses steady, in the same manner the ecstasy gleaned from this blessed water makes me pour my heart to the world unobtrusively.

Robed In Rubies


Robed In Rubies

Lover’s hearts are always bound with ribbon’s ends, as heavenly reflection of beauty is mirrored in the mirror. The ocean’s wealth is adorned on the beautiful women’s locks and on their physical beauty in the shape of gems, pearls, rubies and diamonds. Heavenly beads speak to us and call forth the mysteries and wonders of our faces and these dwellers of unseen and queer islands underneath the strange waters jumble together on our toilet table. Wearing gems means, invoking the rivalry of the beams born by the sun. The females exempting from the female errors possess lively looks which reveal the secrets lying hidden in the bosom of the bottom. The broken vows can be cured by carrying out the ornamentation of your sweetheart by the gentle touch and silken fingers of a lover, as this act on the part of a lover can help us a lot to make us see all the wonders of the hidden and the revealed world alike on the sweetheart’s face. The charms of God crafted in God’s own hands strike the gazer’s eyes and turn the beautiful beings into the sparkling Cross and constellation in the sky. Beautiful objects irrespective of their shapes and forms turn the disdains into the mirth and thirst for fame gets quenched without taking the pains of performing toilet with the aid of gems and rubies. A sane and rational approach to things carries weight subject to averting the flattering of fops. Empty pride leads to dangerous exaltation and hinders beauty to maintain its fine exterior. So, do not abandon genuineness and reality as God’s crafted crafts are always a paragon of beauty, the reality is a sort of thing which causes our chest expand with pleasure and shallowness of mind and heart exposes the emptiness. The nourishment of our mind must take place on the classical lines. The devising of a device possessing the worth to impart grandeur to our style should be innate in our nature. The wearer of genuineness and styles embedded with reality lifts the gazer to a higher plane. Our significance should be synonymous with sublimity and this vary trait is our self-expression. A man with tastes can be judged by his appearance and the public at large weighs him in the scales of an artist. The reality of everything is always susceptible to charms and is never indebted to elaborate shower of praises as the craftsman exists in his own work. The projection of an artist lies in his art, he creates. The splendor is something which constitutes the height of an artistic taste and stirs up emotions of aping the style, a stylist produces. Fondness for ocean’s wealth in the form of gems, rubies, diamonds and pearls, means, cosmic theme as God invested his creation upon earth with spell-bound pearls famous for their loveliness and the naturalness lifts humans to gigantic loftiness. So, getting robed in rubies means getting robed in God gifted robes, so, never rob the essential weakness of women and their inborn urge to wear the gems, diamonds and costly pearls born at the depths of deep waters.

The Pangs Pain Me


The Pangs Pain Me

Let us dwell upon the dangers and pitfalls faced by human beings. It is no denying the fact that God’s remembrance occurs to us when we fall on evil days or caught up in emergencies, as some unseen powers workout tragedy in our life. Humans should always be ready to fight with heavy odds unto the end by courage and fortitude, bleeding and never giving in means manliness, suffering and never complaining, means fortitude. Sometimes, natural calamities are beyond our control, we sow the seed, reap the harvest with enduring toil, store yearly little dues of wheat, wine and oil till they perish, but our joy and sorrows are determined by God, who dwells merrily in his heaven. So, the mighty clash between man’s hopes and dashing these hopes to ground continues, sometimes infinite anguish and sometimes infinite happiness play hide and seek with each other and pass on, arm in arm, like a courting couple, but man should be like a milestone on the road side. We should always play happy tunes on our flute irrespective of what lies in store for us as everything is determined from above. We should toil carrying good intentions leaving the wages to God. It does not mean that we throw our realization to the winds and start seeing double owing to, too much drink, as time and tide must run its course like a true narrative, showing no respect to human beings. Man should be nothing in his own eyes but in the eyes of other people, he must be something. Difficulties and emergencies open gates to necessities which give way to discoveries librating us from the clutches of pangs and pains, as pangs and pains can be cured only seeking the prop of medications as an antidote to the sufferings. There is nothing under the sun, the antidote of which does not exist, be it sorrows, ills, ailments, lethal venoms and bad behaviors. The solution lies in quest only, as quest creates the flutter in every walk of life. Do not pinion your arms and the faculties, just elevate yourself above the level of vulgarity, be the doctors of miseries to discover medications to alleviate the pangs, the humanity is suffused with. Let us become a seed merchant, the dissemination of which, when sow in the soil, sprout in the form of plants and yield the fruit of nobility, happiness which make us revel in merriment, emanating mesmerizing notes, songs and the ambiance of the heaven. Practicality is everything and superstition is a never failing friend of gloominess. Being a lion with fangs is another thing and the fangless lion is another one. The biggest religion is humanity and the rest is subservient to it, being a writer, I hold this strong view. We should possess the volcanic stuff in the sense of construction but not destruction, as a noble cause demands volcanic passions. In the capacity of a writer, I arraign the cruelty of society surrounding us. Life is a walking shadow and a poor player, but the generous acts remain and the life vanishes into nothingness, but the wonders, worked by the humanity, guide the progeny on the path to achievement, discoveries, remedies to sufferings and various ailments. So, we born in pangs and the efforts should always be afoot not to die in pangs.
Kissing the Sky Kissing Ambitions

Wearing the brand means wearing the insignia bringing protocol for you. Not tending to day to day duties to your brands means getting not trendy in wearing brands. Everything lies in turning into a diehard fan of brands ruling the world, even a wretched pauper never lags behind in conjuring up trends in his mind and not pursuing the brands, means tearing your personality apart and placing curbs on your heart deluged with aspirations and longings. Learning to succumb to emotionalism and giving vent to your latent ideas suggests, you are going to surmount the summit you dreamt of. Brands place you at a higher pedestal, if you do not shun showing obstinacy in your determination and do not budge an inch from your stand, means you are weaving a social fabric inscribed with the words “Go Trendy”. Trends inculcate in your personality the trait, which brings you the protocol and delights at first glance, as the fish in streams and birds delight in the air. The adventurer always embarks upon new adventures coupled with determination, for the adventurer employs devices which serve the purpose to make you sit on the pulpit. Everyone wants to wear the brands, which are impossible to improve on any further as getting something better means a change and the change means some inadequacies and inadequacies make short comings, as we know coming short of anything gives birth to standard deterioration. The trends and the brands owe their success to marvelous skills and the skill is not a skill if it does not tempt the lookers to ask some queries, so tempt the lookers to make them fall to the temptation to wear the brands, just stay quiet and let the trends and the brands speak to the lookers. The brands for celebrities should not act like a red rag to a bull. The new trends and the wearer burst out like a water flower in the beau monde world. Indulgence in costly garments, means that you are being hit by golden arrows and not by the simple gaze of the society. The robust people wear the robust quality as they are reckoned among the people apart pertaining to the tastes and they possess the rarity to awaken the pleasures of the lookers. Celebrities are not underneath disguised names rather they are recognizable initials as full length portraits are immortal. Liveliness of movement, animation, spontaneity, embellishment and diverging elements go to make a personality the cynosure. Making someone worthy of signature involves God’s special bounties which he showers on his special personalities possessing the worth which they deserve, and God gets them inspired by passion and imagination coupled with unrestrained expression of exhibition.  The personality must means more than it appears to be. So, in order to kiss all these sky kissing ambitions, we need to erect an ivory tower. 
Our Acts Queens and Kings

Coincidence is important in every one’s life, it crops up everywhere. A man is always alone in his destiny and mood follows mood as no one of us is a copy of another. The plight of being alive, that too alone is not an ordinary spectacle. Our senses demand the voice of our conscience to our external impressions. While possessing acute discriminating senses like an observer benefit us a lot to survive. Our ears should be open to every slight sound. How does it look like seeing the dust rising from the hot roadway and hearing the rains varying sounds, twisting and turning of the leaves receiving the slaps of the furious winds, all these resemble human life. Accidents, joys and happiness go hand in hand while playing hide and seek with human lives. Do not be an average observer to forget things straightaway as everyone is prone to inner conflicts of one sort or the other. Manliness demands of us a trait of being the author of our own fortunes and misfortunes. The interpretation of human situation can be explained only by the sufferer but none else. God embodies fate in various forms as we are destined to do something good or evil, but sitting on the point of vantage is a must. We are the owner of instruments of good and the instruments of evil, it remains to be seen, to which direction the arrows are shot. The crux of the matter is that how to determine our attitude towards others. A man’s nature is determined by his tiny acts, as we know a woman’s beauty lies in her vanity but we should not take women as moving toy shops, transforming love from one lover to another is not a kid’s play for a woman as this act on the part of women carries countless psychological intricacies. Why women pay excessive attention to performing their toilet. We should pay genuine homage to women’s charm and beauty as world revolves around two hungers, one is that of belly and the other is that of a woman. God created Adam and Eve is the answer to everything. The fair-sex possesses the blessing to take men as their prisoners by throwing even a single smile. We lose our way in the maze of the locks of our beloved, as everyone aspires to possess this treasure. The gallants are also a step ahead from the charming women as they appeal to the different vanities of the women and sometimes, the heart of a woman shifts from one gallant to another. The world is glutted with beauty; just bring the eye of a beholder. Who does not wish to be a prisoner of an ivory white neck embellished with imaginary pearls gleaned from the fathomless bottoms of the oceans? I wish the vanities do not die with the death of women but may God save the maidens from staining their respect at the hands of the bold gallants rather they should hold them in their arms of faithfulness. May their excessive ambitions with regard to their matrimonial prospects grow with each passing day fructifying their efforts? All depends on our acts which render us assistance to pass away morel sorrows and not let a fresh trouble crop up. Our acts go to make the world ideally dark and start-studded as the acts on our part can turn a hell into heaven and heaven into hell. The character is the only one of the circumstances in a man’s environment. Humanity may perish or persist, but it goes on performing its function without pausing to stand and stare by dint of our acts. We cannot measure the fathom of our acts as man is some total of habits which reduce us to baggers, Kings and Queens. So, God created human beings and laced them with acts, only acts decide man’s destiny.
Feelings Seek Off the Beaten Track

Owe your place in the world of tranquility far from the muck of life abuzz with selfish activities. Romantic spirit can never be chained and is indomitable by fret and fume of life. The weekends carry its own ends which never end; the spirit of happiness after serving the sentence of long days, longs for the emancipation from the marshaled armies of tensions. We work like insects engaged in their every day affairs but, from within we aspire to steal a look at moonlit English lane and moon kissed sands, waters and beaches. How charming and bewitching is our imagination who longs for the weekends. Our survival is conditioned by transition as drawing a parallel between fiends and fairies is a must for the longevity of life and digressions from particular things are necessary to find out the peace of heart. Digressions enhance glories, images and sentiments, as a rich accumulation of circumstances abound in beauty has been a long awaited wish of human beings. The holidays can be compared to the dewy flowers and the holiday makers swarm to these flowers to gather honey from them. At the weekends we are our own rulers, joys and happiness are summoned from every nook and corner at our own beck and call. Sitting on the terrace and beaches and listening to evening sounds are not an ordinary getaway. Sun, sand and the sea put a premium on your romance and our romance gets renewed. Crashing of waves sing an exotic melody, we cannot deny that the holidays are not wonderfully intriguing. Deriving pleasure from running parallel to the shore line cannot be summed up in words. The waters and the breeze are always tempting and seductive as the sun kissed beaches invest you with an ambiance and get you riddance from the traumatic and tension ridden period and bundle you in a moon kissed beach resorts. Sometimes, we wished the currents to drive our boat to some dream like land while rocking in the arms of yours sweetheart. Galloping rate of city population does not permit us to have a nodding acquaintance with serenity packed environment, sent down on our earth by God. We never feel shy of breaking taboos placed on us which do not agree to our dispositions as the moods make a demand of us to do so. Human beings always hanker after the things or personalities possessing a magnetic pull. A man always gives a hard chase to his hopes which keeps his spirit alive and who can see his hopes plunging in ruin. Without holidays, the pall of gloom hangs over us, why we spend a lot of pains on money minting machines at offices or at work places, the answer is to steal a few hours of relaxation far from the madding crowd in the lap of Mother Nature to soothe our pains and tensions. Our Mother Nature is a docile toy for us which treats us with compassion and defends us against the harsh cruelties perpetrated on us by our own fellow beings. So, let us draw the curtain aside and lock our horns on the issue which is vexing humanity in the shape of mechanical life, mechanical love and drawing meetings leading to artificialities. Enjoy and happiness lies in our leisure time and being off the beaten track.
Gigantic Shades of Meanings

Waging a determined struggle, practicing tactics and maneuvering have been the innate trait of man’s nature since times immemorial. Human beings pre-occupied with their pursuits have shunned treating Mother Nature with reverence and love. If, on our part, no heed is paid to our environment, we will get marooned on a piece of land presenting a spectacle of desolation. If we wish to stay stolid and uncomplaining towards our environment, we need to inculcate curiosity in ourselves to preserve it. The environment does not indulge in discrimination even to those who dwell in stinking slums. Nature builds an embankment of protection around human beings and let them breathe in life giving atmosphere. A time arrives, when we feel craving for the company of Mother Nature and register its emotions on our faces. Sometimes, our instinct hinders us from getting involved in humdrum of life. Not only making plans works, but the execution of plans demands our heed. It makes no difference if you lack bungalows and bank balances but if you are not accompanied by beautiful environment, you are a wretched pauper. So, inculcate a wish and inspiration in yourself which urges you to bring up the nature like your own siblings so that the nature may turn into a prop for us. The radiance of a well-kept environment never gets diminished, so we need to propagate progressive ideas to raise awareness among the inhabitants inhabiting the globe. Impeccable techniques, concerted efforts are required to save this unique world of environment from collapse. Our environment alludes to us to the stirring speech, which it makes and we should rise to the action. We are like the leaves of our environment, we should nurse it, lest it should shed us and we lie thick in cluster on the ground inanimate. Let us rise above the desire to win monetary gains and long for God’s artistic opinions and gestures towards the Mother Earth. Everything around us is revealing the wonders of God’s creations and the paramount importance lies in it that we preserve in our minds the existence of our environment as it saves our own existence. We need to play our role like a special response team otherwise; our negligence will make us go through tough times if we do not stick to our stance. Our surroundings demand a rightful due on our part so that a new world of happiness dawn on us. Man’s temptations have rocked the foundations of lush green dales imparting life to a plethora of living beings. Our environment illuminates us and makes us clad in colorful attires. The obstacles impeding the progress towards the betterment of nature should be kicked away. The responsibility for bailing out the environment from chaotic situation rests with us.