Are you escorted by fashion?

Not staying ordinary and not treading on the trodden path is something which gives the tinge of fashion. Pinnacles are shaped in dreams, but are translated into a reality escorted by new horizons. Flight of imagination is something on which you have to put a bridle on. Fashion inflames your passions and generates romantic effusions of love. A man who carves out fashion, scratches the surface of something to dig out a novelty, latent somewhere far from the cursory glance of the ordinary. Gliding along the prevailing trends, means nothing and if so, you stand fair chances to come a cropper. Whenever something comes into vogue, it sets a new pattern and a state of mind, the trend is not a trend if it does not give an outlet to your pent up feelings of mind and heart, and everything should lie under the patronage of a fashion carver and his compass. Approaching everything from various angles is something where your expertise lies. The train of thoughts never ceases to move though he is thinking at random. A fashionmonger never darts in and out of semi-darkness, if so, it will eclipse his beauty. Fashion gushes out of somewhere like molten lava from underneath the surface of the earth and let its ideas widen into an ocean like expanse. A trend setter of fashion, himself is not able to put a bridle on his own imagination when it runs wild. A fashion wearer should be escorted by a sense of aestheticism. In fashion, whatever you do, the room for improvement always eggs you on doing something more and more. Fashion should not wear a veil but to create a stir in the world like the ebb and tide in the ocean and should shine in the sky like a moonlit night. Every fashion wearer wants to stand unparalleled in his own world but the place of a fashion carver stands apart. Fashion is something like launching a rocket into the space but the rocket should be the guided one. The world is brimming with fashions and carries you over years ahead in your imagination while seated in aloofness and sleeping in dreams. The zest for fashion exists in every living being even the birds are not exempted from it, have you ever seen that how a mail bird induces his partner to look at his dancing to arrest the intension of his life partner. Is not it a fashion and a fashion wearer?


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