Secret Veils of the Vale

Have you ever heard the strange musings of the hidden bounties residing underneath the earth with costly valuables in her lap? A queer sound, sounds like the sound of jingling of ores, ornaments, gold and the fountains of oil flowing underneath our feet. This is a God like exercise which can be exercised only by God, and is beyond human’s control, unless equipped with the wisdom granted by God to unravel the mystery. Shadowy layers of clouds of our earth are filled to the brim with unimaginable wealth. The winds laden with rich information, unpack the legend-laden tales of the underneath treasures in the form of mines, enriched by minerals, metals, assorted oils enabling the humanity to travel by fast moving vehicles, planes and what not, the Mother Earth offers from its bowels. Voiceless streams of treasures plead to us for their allegiance and services. For the divulgence of these treasures, we need to press our forehead to the earth to listen to what riddles the treasures lying hidden say to us, now answering to these riddles rests on our part. What lies underneath, cannot be measured in words, where gold and silver seasons always dwell and the autumn never sets in. The soft natured brooding on this immortal wealth will take us to our destination. Even the flowers lifting their heads from the earth also drop a lot of hints to the bounties with which the earth is sleeping, waiting us to dig up the treasures to harness them to the humanity to keep the life going on, on the revealed kingdom of the earth. We, the human beings are dancing on the waves of rich oils, petrol, mines, minerals, gold, silver and the list will never exhaust till doom’s day. The treasures, whom to meet with, would be to know, to know would be to get rich and to get rich means to rule in the guise of an oofy person, provided, if you are invested with unwearied zest to dig out the bounties from the dark pit of the earth, as humans and treasures are earth-bound souls and God has made humans the harvesters, who reap the harvest on the surface and the underneath alike. The cloud’s like waves of the earth are loaded with the loads of treasures. Only, the precious contents are required to elaborate the bounties the underneath world carries, as the underneath world resembles a vessel, and we need to fix our anchor in the bosom of the earth equipped with the fishy scales to catch the catch. The roof of the earth from underneath is made of gold with countless intricate designs. So, the treasures laden with piles of gold heave up the mighty stature of the land, these suggestive allusions, allude to the boons, without which, the surfaced life will stay no more alive, that is why, we are beholden to this ornamented vale, the veils of which, we need to lift up to look at the dazzling bounties of the land. So, let us exult in the victory and unbounded joy to have in our possession all the necessities of life and luxurious transportation system, which is also beholden to the gasoline lying under our feet. What a novel paradise is lying hidden and waiting to be explored.


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