Immensity Communes with Infinity

Loves stands unrivalled as it gets you out from the vortex of adverse circumstances; Expulsion from love means, expulsion from heaven and a faithful life partner means you are heaven-high, if not so, you are hell-deep. Your partner is one who holds you spellbound as long as he loves you. Get yourself accustomed to unrestrained indulgence with respect to love and fair play because love allows you to revel in it. This passion transcends our imagination and the experience overwhelms us. Immensity should commune with infinity as the muster of your sweetheart must surpass the rest. Love carries loftiness and you perform a flight of an eternal happiness with majesty. If your love is unmatched, coupled with courage and resolute purpose, you move on in life inspired with music of sweet sounding pipes that ease the pains in smile. The love causes your heart swell with pride and this very passion makes you the hero of romance. Disloyalty never goes unpunished as heavenly justice is administered at the hands of the Creator. Do not live you lives like broken-chariot wheels as how can you ride on a rickety chariot? Let nobody wonder that a lover’s heart abounds in serenity and the lovers relate the marvels of their love’s harmonious notes. Love does not mean that you vie in wealth and luxury but this passion never let the lovers hold them in gloom. The dazzling brilliance of riches never robs the lovers of their sophistry. The human beings in love are always in an intoxication which holds them incommunicado with the exception of a soul mate. When the passion for love wanes, it turns as merciless as winter skies. No one can deny the transitory nature of human beings, but through love, we seek a way into life and permanence. This supreme passion beckons the lovers to enter into a realm where peace and tranquility reigns supreme. Curls of sweet smelling rise upwards and adorn the whole milieu that surrounds us turning everything into a spectacle of flower ridden land. Passion for love is an asset which we ought to bequeath to our posterity on voluntary basis. Everything wipes out from the scene within blinking of an eye, but love is a living reality which lasts till dooms day. So, let the flame of love flare up to build the image of a happy world to fend off the blast of cruel winter. Love is a weighing scale in which you can weigh the humanity of the human beings and their standards which they carry in this mundane world. Tragedy can never overtake you, if you listen well to what love says.
The Genius Resides on the Secret Top

Weakness is an unpardonable act on part of a genius, as God leaves us free to pursue our purposes and the vessel moors to our side by dint of our own genius. The genius leads us to the shore saving from the roaring and tumultuous waves of the time. If you fall from the heights, these heights for you are calamitous, but if you climb these heights, the experience goes to make you a hero. So, always reign secure and rest your feet on the land of opportunities and gain superiority over your equals. The genius is something where happiness dwells forever as mind depends on itself but not on external circumstances. Being in possession of thunder is greater than everything else, if your powers are indomitable, it does not matter where you are. Surfing on the waves of success and never let the waves turn into a ditch is the calling of a genius. The mind who works wonders cannot be changed by place or time. We are indebted to our genius who renders us help and makes us stand distinguished in power and reason. The tech genius leads up to the climax of innovation and testifies to the beginning of a new era. The heavy beginning ends with the heavy ending. The multitude of people lavish praise on its workmanship as the technical genius is always vested with kingly powers, when in working order it never let any device escape. We have reached the stage where we have been enabled by our genius to carry the whole world in our pocket in the shape of a tiny gadget like cell phone. How exalted the man’s genius is? All lines of approach are at your command and you are the sole spectator and the sole sovereign. The world’s aerial links shrink into the smallest space and at your command expand like an ocean and entertain us with merry music to boost our moods. Through the tech genius, it is beyond your imagination, what you rule over. The credit to pull us from the doldrums of any sort goes to the tech genius as we were moving at the sluggish pace. When in dejection, sometimes, this tiny gadget makes us caper about the room as the breech between our relations gets healed up. Emotional bonds are established and an atmosphere of merriment prevails upon us, it means, it brings us a new life. How the human beings can refuse from living under the patronage of tech genius? We are beholden to it as this genius greets us with success at our threshold. The time has long been vanished when we were torn between reason and passion, now, only the reason governs us. The ignorance has quit the arena at the hands of the tech genius. The genius, which none but the Almighty can retreat as genius is guided by the divine guidance.
Shun getting jejune

Shun the habit of debunking and let the world of science give way to innovations and labor saving techniques. New catchwords are protecting us from falling into illusions like the primitives. The word innovation is as vast as an ocean and the sky, nothing can escape the sight of human being and everything is being dissected at the hands of human beings seized with the quest. The solar system, the earth and the planets have also opened their bosom before the man and their efforts have been fructified. Attributes of God cannot be comprehended and all extensions may be compressed into ideas and a thought only, what we need to do is to exert ourselves mentally to achieve anything worthwhile pertaining to innovations. Man is God’s image and he sends everything down on earth for the sake of his creature’s convenience. The exodus to innovations is taking place fast and we should take it as a wakeup call. Three things are very important, intellect, reason and the passion for research as all the three are closely interwoven. Now, the antiquity has caused men to forsake the outdated notions, naturally the human beings have yielded to the pressure to move ahead in the wonderful world. We are under compulsion to embrace the new inventions as this faculty of man is associated with the headway and man’s faculties never lag behind to summon before the world a reality, being invaded with realities means discoveries. Let us rise from our stupefaction otherwise, the havoc will be wrought upon the civilized nations, we are invaded with inventions and early rise to action is mandatory, lest we should catch by our competitors in our sleep. A mind accustomed to thinking along the primitive lines will never understand the words innovations or advancements. Another important thing which carries weight is fraternity which incites on practical steps as fraternity resists pressure from foreign dominations. Peace for advancement should seem secure; vesting with the power means a revolution. We need to unify our principles to govern our destiny as man is the carpenter of his own destiny. Shedding the bias to make advances in every walk of life is a must and not let the bias hold a sway on our minds like in times of antiquity. Evolving hypothesis means living in fool’s paradise, if all these things are not discarded, we ourselves will get discarded due to this perversity. Our survival lies in keeping pace with the changing scenario of the innovative world and not in getting recalcitrant. Presently, the world is in dire need of dialectical materialists who promote reason and intellect to pave the way for the posterity to make them stand on their own legs.

Music rocks you to sleep.

Don’t take up the cudgel against your soul’s delight. A man of lofty ideals and ideas combines in himself the refinement, love of art and music. A stern lover’s conception of music is embedded in his flight of imagination and each and every organ of a music lover dances to the tunes of every rhythm. He flutters in his soul like a bird in his captivity. The music and the musician are like a soul and a body; we must be in the knowledge that a musician’s music is his dedication, which he devotes to his soul and for the lovers of music. Let the sweet notes keep at bay the narrowness of outlook born of mundane cares. The goddess of moon Cynthia descends upon the Mother earth, as the musician invokes the help of the goddess to carry out the embellishment of his sweet notes. A soul imbued with rhythm is called mighty-mouthed inventor of harmonies and resembles the ocean waves with their sonority. The help of the Greek Muses is required to render smoothness coupled with rhythm and a musician’s mastery to produce rocking music. Unfolding the events and concerts is a Herculean task as the reason is that a musician embarks upon an adventure to establish a monarchy on the hearts of all the listeners. Music speaks for its own superiority and surpasses the sovereigns when they are in their speeches. The notes are not meant for worldly gains but they hanker after a special sort of pansy and each note accommodates in itself millions of souls. Music is always steeped in joys and happiness and it helps to let the spiritual facts ooze out of our souls. We need to know it, that music is a step ahead of all the wonders of the world and our soul bids us to behold it. The abode of music is as high as Heaven as it draws the audience in order. Music gives the sense of an ethereal essence which never perishes as the rhythm originates from everything but putting it in order is the musician’s task. The sweet notes work like an incantation on the depressed souls to alleviate the pains, the humanity is suffused with. It never let you become sullen and drives away the melancholic effects while igniting a spark of a new life, shutting your worries in. Aiming a mighty blow on cares and worries is the vocation of music, as it lends a helping hand to fading hopes. The musician proclaims happiness by the beat of drums as we know the pleasant hours fly fast. What are you stumbling upon the rocks for, let the music rock you to sleep.
How guest wears the guise of God?

Who is heading out to you, wearing his seatbelt, you can never know as Zeus is treated as the God of a guest and a host. Are you gearing up efforts to roll out a red carpet in his honor? For the intending guests, the host is always ready to sacrifice his own conveniences as a mark of respect and leaves no stone unturned to observe all the etiquettes of hospitality. So don’t get behind the wheel in offering hospitality to your guest, as the advent of a guest makes you and your ambience come alive. A strong bond exists between a guest and a host which never breaks off. Hospitality means humility and staying humble is the prerequisite for a host, as the guest always makes extra ordinary demands on his host, while staying at some hotel or a tavern. It is incumbent upon the host not to abandon his patience. The guest not only brings in gains but also blessings. The host resembles a thick tree for his guest under whose cool shade, he gets respite. Showing cold shoulder to your guest means, showing cold shoulder to your prosperity and luck. The hospitality, you offer helps the guest to melt away his days long exhaustion, so let this trait run in your veins and this very trait will carry you to a superior virtue. The winds and waters can be pacified by extending an exemplary hospitality. A host awaits his guest before dawn as the shepherd watches his flock, this trait fetches the age of gold. Hospitality leaves no room for discrimination between duty and desire. Hospitality encourages a charm and repels the melancholy; the guest should be inspired by this treatment as the listener feels inspired by a delightful music. The host is a being, filled to overflowing with excellent lessons in etiquettes; I am at a loss for words to enumerate the traits of a host and hospitality. Devices should never cease to add a stately tone to your guest, as all these are organic virtues, which a host is required to inculcate in his personality. Don’t be oblivious of the fact that guest can also wear the guise of God.
Are you escorted by fashion?

Not staying ordinary and not treading on the trodden path is something which gives the tinge of fashion. Pinnacles are shaped in dreams, but are translated into a reality escorted by new horizons. Flight of imagination is something on which you have to put a bridle on. Fashion inflames your passions and generates romantic effusions of love. A man who carves out fashion, scratches the surface of something to dig out a novelty, latent somewhere far from the cursory glance of the ordinary. Gliding along the prevailing trends, means nothing and if so, you stand fair chances to come a cropper. Whenever something comes into vogue, it sets a new pattern and a state of mind, the trend is not a trend if it does not give an outlet to your pent up feelings of mind and heart, and everything should lie under the patronage of a fashion carver and his compass. Approaching everything from various angles is something where your expertise lies. The train of thoughts never ceases to move though he is thinking at random. A fashionmonger never darts in and out of semi-darkness, if so, it will eclipse his beauty. Fashion gushes out of somewhere like molten lava from underneath the surface of the earth and let its ideas widen into an ocean like expanse. A trend setter of fashion, himself is not able to put a bridle on his own imagination when it runs wild. A fashion wearer should be escorted by a sense of aestheticism. In fashion, whatever you do, the room for improvement always eggs you on doing something more and more. Fashion should not wear a veil but to create a stir in the world like the ebb and tide in the ocean and should shine in the sky like a moonlit night. Every fashion wearer wants to stand unparalleled in his own world but the place of a fashion carver stands apart. Fashion is something like launching a rocket into the space but the rocket should be the guided one. The world is brimming with fashions and carries you over years ahead in your imagination while seated in aloofness and sleeping in dreams. The zest for fashion exists in every living being even the birds are not exempted from it, have you ever seen that how a mail bird induces his partner to look at his dancing to arrest the intension of his life partner. Is not it a fashion and a fashion wearer?

Way Farer


Way Farer

Let your mind wander as far as it can. The commencement of journey commences from the womb of your mother and lasts till the last breath lasts. God is on His throne in His heaven and He makes everything move, be it animate or inanimate. Things not moving, turn stagnant like water, when not on its way to some destination. The globe is mortal but God is keeping it immortal and everything is at his command, standing still means decomposition and ruins. Travellers never get exhausted while the sources part ways with them. Who can say, that travelling seems to be flippant, travelling is a judgement of our staying power. A traveller is always a man of many side-genious and he leads an eventful life, as we should follow the multitude in good deads, so don’t let your geniuos turn into a rubbish. While seated at your own place like a hermet in his cell, means whistling in the darkness, only the sightseeing spree will bring it to an end. Travelling opens the wonderful avenues to enlightenment and this very is the life. It is absurd to think of freedom, if you are not far from the madding crowed and humdrum of life. The Mother nature is geeting greatly impacted by swift changes and each destination is a single experience. So far, man has not discovered himself, how can he discover the wonders of the vast treasures of travelling. The world carved out by God is pulsating with life, bring the beholder in whose eyes lies the beauty to behold. Spare a little time to get a glimpse at it and horn your skills to thirll the adventure and the adventurer. Infuse a new life into your enthusiasm and get to know that how the pot of culture melts. Memories are always treasured and spend this treasure generously on others to induce them to embark upon their journey.

Own your own home.


Own your own home.

Let us shun the nomadic life and intend to settle down permanently. Don’t you know that our remedy lies in the renunciation of nomadic ways? No words are siding with me to sum up the ceaseless efforts, the real estate agents are making. That is why they owe their place in society and their importance can never fade into nothingness.  The scope of this business unfolds its own reality. The business is carried out on mathematical logic and the home should not be a persistent nuisance to the inmates.  No one can disapprove of the wish to own his own home. The existence of a human being is short lived, generations come and go but the homes have their own longevity. Falling in love among the human beings with one another is a usual practice but falling in love with homes is a naked reality. The word comforts is always associated with homes only. The homes last longer excluding the natural calamities; we can say that they last till we breathe our last. The part played by homes cannot be denied; homes bring us up like, parents bring up their children and succeeding to the title of a piece of a land, means acquiring the rights. Home means to reside somewhere but along with it good notions should reside in our minds too, at least we are required to reside at somewhere. This business is a fusion of idealism and realism, so deeper applications of mind are required. Looking to the status of the clients, the acumen of a business man should not fail to reflect his wisdom. The real estate agents trace the house and the occupant to their ultimate roots in combination of each and everything with regard to comforts. Your business is your pride which perpetuates your trust and ties with whom you come in to contact.  A business man should be credited with all the excellences and merits; He should leave no room for inadequacies. Lucidity and clarity are the most outstanding virtues of business people and no obscurities should exist to perplex the customers, as the customers are bounties which are descended upon us by God. Making a wrong choice in looking for a home is like making a difference between a Salamander and a Nymph. The architecture is a mouthpiece of an architect.  Crowning with a success means not falling into wrong hands. Stepping on the threshold with regard to comforts means landing on the land of tranquility, a good home exercise a great influence on the inmates in many ways and keeps at bay the frequent fits of anger.  So, your home is your Paradise.

As arresting as flowers.

Flowers flourish love more luxuriantly than anything else. These are an effective means and exhibit superb confidence which is latent in the fathomless abyss of your heart. In flowers, intentions are hidden and the kinds let these intentions bring out. Most importantly, flowers are meant to defeat evil purposes. Our most cherished purpose finds its way through flowers and assorted kinds of flowers possess their respective symbolism. They are so tender and never cause vexation but lay to rest the waves of anger. Millions of people across the globe take pride in gardening, love for flowers symbolyses an aesthetic sense. A human being bereft of this sense, is considers to be not a human being but an animal. Only a florist can determine the price of flowers.  Sometimes, a field glutted with flowers, can be mistaken to be a spectacle of the Eden, whereupon, everyone would like to land on. Flowers make us do things which put the bad designes to rout. A land or home which is arid of flowers is a hollowed out land which presents a spectacle of  desolation. Looking at flowers looks like looking at the piece of a land torn from the Paradise and the feelings gleaned from this secnic beauty brings forth more goodness  in human beings, which is sufficiently convincing to us. Flowers have their own respective languages which are never coming to an end and are climbing in number. They speak to us and we take refuge in their intoxicating smell which they exhilirate, getting everyone mesmerised. Style is a man, but without flowers, this very style is unembellished. Flowrs came down to the Earth as Jesus Christ came down for our salvation  and redemption. Let us regain the bliss of Paradise, the abode of flowers. We need not to induce the mankind to believe  the reality of flowers as flowers claim to have a supernatural power of healing.  Good considerations  can prevail upon us if we are in possession of grey matter to understand their languages and sentiments  which lie hidden underneath the tender petals. Love for flowers single us out from those who derive pleasure from nasty acts. Fie upon those who do not understand the weak surrender with respect to meekness, but never slacken  their firm resolve in love as the passion for love is always an indomitable spirit. Flowers are a vehicle to conquer even the minds of those who are at cross purposes with each other. This creature of God is our nearest mate and next to everything in importance. Flowers never let us cow down. 
Not letting the scope of business acumen escape.

The web is a vast stage on which the business strategies, rules and regulations are enacted. The web is more than meets the brain. Its not a kids play to interpret site in a befitting manner. The side should be with the difference or should be pole apart from the rest. The contents in a website say that what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny manners as compared to what lies with in us. The sole purpose of the web is not restricted to one thing. Designing a website is like designing or making an elevator, which elevates the business people to loftiness and turns a businessman into a business icon. It mends the intricacies and gain maximum gains of his efforts which he puts to reap the harvest of his toil. Web designing yields light as the star studded sky lands light on the globe and on innovative products who bring in revolution. Website makes us navigate around the world and we never have the audacity to commit costly mistakes. The language of it is justified and brings in the trade opportunities and open up distribution channels. A site affords access to sweeping economic reforms which take place with each passing day. Once the visitor lands on it, never bids adieu. The history is replete with examples that people get rich over night. The contents of a website contains are like equipments which ply the trade of the globe. Miracles are happening every minute and the people are entering into communications and negotiations to form strong ties and bonds which never break off. We get the feelings of its cumulative effect which it exercises on every thing. The contents should always be loaded with full weight of meanings. Business tested people are discovering new avenues to success, each and every thing is smeared with its footprints and the world is following in the footsteps of the successful trade people. Landing on the website means taking a breathless leap and one big leap may be a meteor. Every one dreams a dream to become a big shot, so the worlds is indebted to a website designing to design ways and means which enthrall them and get them intoxicated with success.